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Welcome to, an online resource for outdoor sporting men, women and youngsters who have a passion for fishing the waters of the United States. US Anglers, as well as visitors to our great country, will benefit from the shared tips and techniques of a collaborative online fellowship of fishermen. first premiered online in 1997. Since that time, our goal has remained the same; build a web community that serves as the definitive resource for anglers from coast to coast. Through the shared alliance of saltwater, freshwater, and fly-fishermen coupled with informative articles, fishing tools & tips, it is our hope that usaangler will also become your source for online information relating to fishing from sea to shining sea. Enjoy!!

Don't forget to tell your fishing buddies about Together we are building an informative and friendly online community for fishing enthusiasts who like calling the USA their home.

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Welcome to is one of the largest professional fishing community discussion forums on the internet. Launched in 1997, contains thousands of post and members making it the leader in fishing discussion boards. is built on a professional foundation having the most targeted fishing enthusiasts in the industry as well as day to day successful business transactions. contains a wealth of fishing related information and feedback for those seeking information on general fishing questions.

We are constantly in the process of rebuilding and expanding the website. Your input is what make this a success. Please keep up the great work by letting us know what you like and what you would like to see added to the forum. Thank you for being a member, and if you are not yet a member, please join us.

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